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huge November 27, 2000 04:05

how to transfer (x,y,z) to (i,j,k)
Is there any way to know a given point belong to which control volume or (i,j,k) if we know the physical coordinates (x,y,z) of this point?

Jan Rusås November 27, 2000 05:28

Re: how to transfer (x,y,z) to (i,j,k)
Hi pl457156427,

You do not specify which code you need the information for. For CFX4.3, CHECK THE MANUAL on Utility routine FXYZ page 3-466

Regards Jan

huge November 28, 2000 04:56

the output of Lagrangian tracking model
Hi, everybody: I want to use the function of Lagrange particle tracking in Tascflow 2.10 to get the (i,j,k) position of the particle at every iteration, but the system can output the phisical coordinate (x,y,z) only, so I want to transfer them to (i,j,k), I feel it quite difficult.

Or is it possible to output (i,j,k) by a user subroutine at every iteration? could you give me some advice? thanks in advance!


O' December 15, 2000 10:24

Re: how to transfer (x,y,z) to (i,j,k)
pls use matlab function--> cart2pol

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