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Hu Zhang December 5, 2000 07:01

canvas window
Hi, dear all,

I am a beginner in the field of CFD. When I begin to learn CFX-Meshbuild examples and open the canvas window, I find it does not work any more after I dot any button or object once. What is wrong with my operation?

By the way, I use the Unix system. Does it affect my operation?


Hu Zhang

Matej Forman December 5, 2000 07:25

Re: canvas window

You'd better ask your system administrator, if you have one somewhere :o).

I had similar problems using linux computer as an terminal for working on SGI, where CFX was intalled. There were problems with X library. It may or may not be the same case. The best you can do is ask your system admin., or ask the CFX support.

Good luck

Matej Forman

Fabio December 6, 2000 07:42

Re: canvas window
Hi Hu Zhang,

I'm not sure if I understood your question, but there's a bug in the Meshbuild interface (canvas) and the linegrapher during solver operations. If the CAPS Lock and/or the NumLock is turned on, meshbuild uses to crash, preventing you for doing any operation. And the linegrapher uses to crash when CAPS Lock is turned on. I've noticed this in a SunOS and in a NT operation system.

Hope this might help you.

Regards. Fabio

Gert-Jan van der Gulik December 6, 2000 09:29

Re: canvas window
Switch off the Numlock and/or Capslock button!!! A very annoying function in Meshbuild. Further on, Meshbuild works fine.


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