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Drona January 4, 2001 11:34

Mesh coordinates

I am using CFX Build 4.3 to create a scroll casing geometry and mesh for small water turbine application. While Meshing, there doesn't seem to be any control over the assigning the i,j,k coordinates(well, at least I couldn't find it!). I have divided the scroll into 5 arbritrary blocks (think of PIE chart!) for ease of meshing. Problem occurs when I want to provide initial guess in TASCflow (or TASCtool) with covariant grid aligned velocity values. The different blocks have different i,j assignments i.e. in one block, the i values are along the circumference while in another it is along the radius. k is OK because it's along the axis of the machine for all the blocks.

Can you please help? Thanks


Olaf Niestroj January 5, 2001 10:59

Re: Mesh coordinates
Hi Drona,

you can use the velocity components in cylindrical co-ordinates for the initial guess. Alternatively you can use the turbo-specific initial guess.



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