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James Hart January 24, 2001 00:56

CFX Analyse
I need help in using Analyse as the documentation is not very useful. I wish to be able to swap between timesteps easily without having to read the whole dump file in again. In Visualise you can choose the input file and just choose a new timestep. Is the same thing possible in Analyse.

Also has anyone had much experience in creating macros, what sort of things are we able to do, and are they easy to run.

Thanks James

Jan Rusås January 24, 2001 04:00

Re: CFX Analyse
Dear James,

I do think it is easy in Analyse to select a new timestep- but anyway- I once received a document from CFX about creating macros for reading in transient dump file. The document was for Tasc-tool, the former analyse, I will email it to you, you could also ask CFX if they have made a new document for Analyse

Regards Jan

Fabio January 25, 2001 06:23

Re: CFX Analyse
Hi James,

Unfortunately, Analyse cannot swap between time-steps without reloading the dump file again.

Once Mr. Rusås helped me sending a document about creating animations in Analyse. And I've tried several ways to do it without any success.

You can access the CFX Community Pages (, in the CFX-4.3 known problems session, and you will see about it.

Wish I could manipulate this results using macros, but I'm afraid I can't. If you find a way, please contact me telling about it.

Regards, Fabio.

James Hart January 25, 2001 20:38

Re: CFX Analyse
Thanks Fabio and Jan

I am getting the code for doing animations sent to me, so if I figure it out I will definately post it.

Apparently CFX4.4 will have a movie making feature for Analyse, so I guess we just hold out.

Thanks again James

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