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J. Keays February 1, 2001 11:24


Does anyone how I can exchange fluent files with files for CFX-TASCflow. Is it possible to export a mesh from CFX-TASCflow and open it in fluent and vice versa?? Also, what is the best format for doing this in if it is possible. Also, I am using Gambit with fluent and ICEM/HEXA with TASCflow. Can the ICEM meshes and geometry be importedinto Gambit and of course vice versa.



John C. Chien February 2, 2001 06:10

(1). CFX-TASCflow is based on structured, multi-block, brick type (hexa) mesh. (H-type and O-type) It is ideal for turbomachinery application. The Turbogrid mesh generation code has many pre-programmed templates to handle several types of machines. (2). In the ICEMCFD/HEXA, there is a translator to create the needed input file for CFX-TASCflow. In this approach, you are not limited to the turbomachinery blade passage flows analysis. (3). The advantage of using Fluent is in the power of unstructured, tet/tri with hybrid mesh. It is easier to generate a mesh when the geometry is rather complex, using unstructured mesh. (this is only relative. and in many cases, it is still very difficult to create successful unstructured mesh due to many other reasons.) (4). ICEMCFD/TETRA can generate unstructured tet mesh, and there is a translator in ICEMCFD to create input file for Fluent. (5). You can check the ICEMCFD output translator section, to see if there is a file translator to generate input file for GAMBIT.

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