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peggy February 7, 2001 08:14

linear solver overflow
hi. i'm a really new user at tascflow. this is probably a really simple problem, but i can't find anything in my user documentation or on the net:

when i run tascflow3d, my model executes for one time step. then execution is terminated because of 'an overflow in the linear solver', says my OUT file. 1) is the overflow like when there are too many decimals and not enough room to store them? 2) what causes the overflow? i tried allocating more memory to tascflow3d, but that doesn't work. my grid isn't's only about 500,000 nodes.

i'd be grateful for any help. thanks.


Dan Williams February 8, 2001 02:39

Re: linear solver overflow
Linear solver overflow occurs when the linear solver could not converge on a solution to the "linear" set of equations given to it. This is often indicative of various situations including:

- bad initial guess

- improper boundary condition setup

- timestep is too big

Try to change these around, or reduce the physics until it works and that should give you an idea of what is wrong.


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