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Zhiming Zhao February 7, 2001 23:36

Re: particle transport in pipes
Hi, All,

I have a question about the particle movement in water pipe, and would request some helps from yours.

I ran the program of multi-phase models in steady state with 500 iterations. From the linegraph curves, the results were converged, there were more than two orders down of the residuals. However, the results without initial guess and with initial guess as well as different initial guesses were fairly different.


Zhiming Zhao

Harun Bilirgen May 9, 2001 22:15

Re: particle transport in pipes
You first have to look at mass residuals from output file. If you fixed the # of iterations, I believe that in each case mass residuals are different.

Second thing is the # of two-way coupling. You also perform enough # of two way couplings. You should look at the papers by Martin Sommerfeld and my papers.

since you are not consistent with the convergence ates results are different.

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