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yusoff February 8, 2001 01:40

Hpw to run cfx5solve in batch

I have a lot of .def file waiting to be solve. If I wait for each of run to finish then it will take a very long time for me to finish my analysis. Is there any way I can automate the run such that it will start solving the next .def file after finishing with previous .def file ? Could anyone advise me and if possible give an example for this.



Dan Williams February 8, 2001 02:36

Re: Hpw to run cfx5solve in batch
On NT write a batch file. On unix write a shell script. It's that easy. Just pick up a book on shell for UNIX or batch files on NT.


yusoff February 8, 2001 06:28

hmm... thanks for your suggestion. anyway I figured a way using do it. if I got time ..probably I'll try to find some nice book.



Dan Williams February 12, 2001 00:23

Re: script...
A make file? Wow, that sounds sort of odd. Make is used for compiling programs. It should be as easy as
adding something like:

cfx5solve -def myfile1.def
cfx5solve -def myfile2.def

etc... to a shell or batch file and that's it (you don't need the #!/bin/sh for a NT batch file). Both shell and batch support simple looping structures and conditional checks if you need to do that. You might also need additional switches if you are doing restarts or running parallel.


yusoff February 14, 2001 01:19

heh .. that's right ... thank you for your tips ... I'll try it .


alikhube January 2, 2013 07:05


please help me step by step to run cfx batch mode

thank you

cdegroot January 2, 2013 10:26

This is already described above. If you are having specific problems, please describe them.

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