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Zbynek Hrncir February 11, 2001 17:34

CFX 5.4
Dear CFD friends, I would like to ask you for some information concerning CFX -5.4. 1.Is it possible to export a volume mesh from CFX to any format readeble in Fluent /patran neutral,nastran,.../. 2.Can I observe convergention with use of any other way rather then by Residuals for example lift force,drag coef., etc.. Thank you Zbynek

Pat Neuman February 21, 2001 17:01

Re: CFX 5.4
Setting the Expert parameter 'monitor_force' equal to true will output the wall forces to the out file each iteration. You will need to use the definion file editor in the solver monitor to do this (Tools..Edit definiton file)

After running at least one itoration, you can use the File..Export option in the Solver Manager to export to Patran, FeildView and EnSight file types.

Zbynek Hrncir February 28, 2001 02:55

Dear Mr. Neuman:

Thank you for your advice!

Dan Williams March 19, 2001 23:55

Re: CFX 5.4
Actually, it's monitor forces = t, without an underscore. Here are some other useful ones:

monitor totals = t or f monitor ranges = t or f

monitor totals = t will output the flow balance summary each iteration to the output file. monitor ranges = t will output the minimum and maximum variable ranges.

The solver monitor will not plot these for you in a graph, so you might have to use some other mechanism to graph the data you want.


Bart Prast March 20, 2001 08:04

Re: CFX 5.4
Why is this not mentioned in the manual? We were looking for those.

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