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Bob Malone February 13, 2001 16:48

Viewing residuals
I can not view the residuals in CFX-Visualise. I am using the expert control parameter OUTPUT EQ RESIDUALS set to T as described on page FAQ-35 of the manual. I am using CFX 5.4.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

Bart Prast February 14, 2001 03:40

Re: Viewing residuals
We use gnuplot and fieldview to see the residuals. Visualize is a bit to simple for viewing all the results.

Phil Zwart February 19, 2001 09:47

Re: Viewing residuals
Hi Bob,

when you load the res file into Visualise, make sure you have the 'Variable Interest Level' set to All, and then select the residual fields you would like to look at. They will then be loaded into Visualize. Hope this helps,


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