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Richard Harrison February 26, 2001 11:45

Boiling in CFX
I am trying to model boiling in a small channel with a constant fluid velocity and a heated wall. However, try as I might I can't get the model to boil. I have looked over both of the boiling examples and I can not see why mine won't work. I have tried changing fluid velocity to both high and low Reynolds numbers. I have also tried increasing the wall temperature to see if I just didn't have enough heat.

The simplified model I am attempting is vary similar to the example in the manual but mine just won't work. It runs through the solver fine and the flow profile and temperature profile in the channel look reasonable but no boiling occurs.

I was hoping someone has had some experience with this type of problem and can give me some pointers on what I might be doing wrong.

Thanks in advance!

R. Harrison Utah State University

Jan Rusås February 27, 2001 04:17

Re: Boiling in CFX
Hi , I have used the boiling model, and it did boil.

What is the temperature and pressure? are you close to saturation?

For testing - try to set your inlet temperature close to the saturation temperature and increase your wall heat flux. Then something should happen for sure.

regards Jan

Sascha March 12, 2001 10:56

Re: Boiling in CFX
The boiling model of CFX-4 is very difficult to get any converged solution. If your problem is defined with a fluid almost at saturation and the heat flux is sufficiently high it shall boil when you have forced the code to converge....

Myself I have stopped to work with the boiling model of CFX-4 and I have implemented my own and this is really working under all conditions including film condensation, homogenous boiling, cavitation...


sharonbashyam December 6, 2012 11:54

help regarding the boling and condensation process
hi could you please kindly help me the process to be done in boiling and condensation in cfx, cause my project is on heat pipe.If you can help me i will be obliged.If so please kindly mail me at

evcelica December 6, 2012 22:30

The last post was over a decade ago, I doubt they are still checking this. Also you have not asked a question in your post.

sharonbashyam December 7, 2012 01:14

thank you evcelica for your kind response ..would you please guide me regarding my problem ...

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