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Tascflow User March 7, 2001 11:13

Transient Boundary Conditions-Source Code Intrface

I am having a problem using the transient boundary condition subroutine in CFX-TASCFlow 2.10.

- I initially setup my problem in tascgrid to define my domain and grid.

- I am just modelling conduction through a CHT solid.

- I created an inactive zone between the CHT and the Fluid so that the two do not interact.

- I then used the GUI to define my Zones & Attributes and Boundary Conditions.

- Before I defined the 2-d face to which the transient B.C. was to be applied to, I followed the user manual, in that I copied the subroutine to a directory within my problem directory. I modified the subroutine to match my problem. After that I went back to my UNIX prompt and typed in

%tascflow3d -local code

I received no error messages after this command, but when I checked the subroutine directory, I did not see the tascflow3d executable "tascflow3d_local" that the user manual says should appear.

When I went back to the GUI, to apply the transient boundary condition, it asked me for the key number, which I supplied. It then brought up a tascbob3d command window where it again asked me for the key number and the region to which it was to be attached to. After I entered this I closed the box and when it went back to the GUI, the Boundary Condition window reverted back to a steady state b.c..

If there is any help you can give, I would greatly appreciate this

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