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Darcy March 8, 2001 02:53

grid aspect ratio and skew
Hellow everybody

Does somebody test the grid quality accepted by CFX solver? Pls. tell me that with what grid aspect ratio and skew the CFX solver will give a best solution. This question can be anwsered on the base of any type of flow problem.


James Date March 8, 2001 06:54

Re: grid aspect ratio and skew
Darcy, i'm afraid you question is problem specific. You need to do your own grid studies to determine how aspect ratio and skew changes affect your solution.

Regards James

John C. Chien March 10, 2001 02:52

Re: grid aspect ratio and skew
(1). There is no such thing as "a best solution" in the first place, because, then you have to define it or be able to measure it. (2). Even if you have test data, it is still difficult to determine which mesh will give a better solution. (3). So, in CFD, what we are interested in is the "mesh independent solution",which does not change as a function of the mesh used. (4). So, there is no requirement on the "quality" of a mesh, but there is a need to find the solution which will not change in terms of the mesh. (5). So, if you can obtain a converged solution by using a highly skewed mesh, then it is "a solution" and the next step to do is to find "the mesh independent solution" by refining the mesh I guess. (6). But if the mesh is rejected by the solver, then you got a big problem. In such cases, you need to get some help from the support engineer to see if you can improve your mesh.

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