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Sebastian April 2, 2001 13:04

Dear all,

I'm humbly entering this interesting circle of CFX users with a simple question.

I'm using CFX5 with K-eps in order to study an industrial coupled heat transfer problem (solid conduction + fluid convection). Boundary conditions are quite trivial: one inlet, one outlet, two openings, two hot walls and some interface walls. On the other hand, the model is rotating and geometry is VERY complex: that's way I chose the unstructured CFX5 approach, rather than CFX4's structured.

I've been working for the last eight months with CFX5.4, obtaining good results in conforting accordance with experimental data (inside K-eps confidence levels obviously ;-) ).

The point is: all benchmarks I'm conducting using the NEW CFX5.4.1 solver turn out to be very disapponting.

The worst come from Eddy Viscosity and and Turb Kinetic Energy: in other words, all turbulence (which should have been re-written in its diffusive terms, I was told) seems to have come to a big nothing, i.e. severe under-estimation and false diffusion.

Does anyone know something about this?

Regards, Sebastian

Gavin April 12, 2001 06:41

Re: CFX5.4.1

Contact your local CFX office for support. They will be happy to help you.


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