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cfd guy April 5, 2001 15:48

Error during Solver
Hi everybody,

I'd like to know of you if anyone has got this error during a solver operation...

I'm running CFX-4 on a PIII 800MHz with 512Mb RAM on a NT system.

When I run with double precision this error occurs at the first few iterations (about 30-40) in a geometry with no more than 20k cells. Running at single precision the solver uses to stop about 300-400 iterations.

And if the solver stopped once and if I resubmit the job, the whole system crashes on the blue screen which only Windows NT can give you. :)

The error is described below...




CFX-4 | Solver |

CFX-4 | Solver | Using 1 CFX-4-SOLVER license.

CFX-4 | Solver | Please note: this license expires on 29-Apr-2002.

CFX-4 | Solver |

CFX-4 | Solver | forrtl: severe (157): Program Exception - access violation


So, if anyone could supply me a hint, I'd be very thankful!


cfd guy

John C. Chien April 5, 2001 17:04

Re: Error during Solver
(1). What is the flow problem you are trying to solve?

Gert-Jan van der Gulik April 6, 2001 05:02

Re: Error during Solver
Looks like a memory problem. Have you tested the case on a PC with a complete different achitecture?

If 1) you are desperate, 2) the problem is not too large, and 3) not confidential, then send it and I will test it on our system to see if it is a hardware problem.

Regs, Gert-Jan

cfd guy April 10, 2001 12:29

Re: Error during Solver
Hi people...

At first, I'd like to thank you for the suggestions...

Answering John's question, I say that doesn't matter the size of the problem. Even in the simplest problem you could imagine, i.e. incompressible, laminar, 2d with less than 100 cells, still crashes the system.

I agree with Mr. Gulik when he suspects that could be a memory problem. Even if I'm not using the CFX, the system crashes when I change a simple screensaver.

The funny part is that I had a similar problem in a different processor. I'm working here with PIII 800MHz and I got the same message error in cfx using a K7 800MHz, but in this computer the system never crashed, only the solver.

I contacted the computer's seller, but probably he will say that is a software problem, not a hardware one.

Well, anyway I'd like to thank you again! Regards,

cfd guy...

joseph May 8, 2001 06:04

Re: Error during Solver

some time evenn after you have stopped or closed the solver the license keeps running in the background,

then all you have to do is :

open tools in the CFX launcher:

licencing-licence -feature - remove user-remove -done



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