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David Hargreaves April 9, 2001 07:01

Conbustion modelling with CFX5.4.1

Has anyone tried implementing the eddy break-up model in CFX5.4? I'm thinking of doing it via the CEL but before I do this, I would appreciate hints from anyone who's tried this already. I don't want to reinvent the wheel...



Li Xinfeng April 10, 2001 01:32

Re: Conbustion modelling with CFX5.4.1
In fact, YOu can't use the radiation in cfx5.4.But I think you can use the EBU combustion because the cfx5.4 can calculate the multi-phase reaction. If you didn't need the radiation. you can do it in cfx5.4. otherwise you have to use the cfx4.3. LI Xinfeng

Gavin April 12, 2001 07:15

Re: Conbustion modelling with CFX5.4.1

Yes we have. Contact your local office and they will send you the CEL that Phil Stopford has developed.


If you contact your local office, you might get a pleasant surprise regarding the availability of radiation in CFX-5.


Li Xinfeng April 12, 2001 07:52

Re: Conbustion modelling with CFX5.4.1
Relly? I will ask Phil stopford for CEL, But what is CEL?

Dan Williams April 17, 2001 23:54

Re: Conbustion modelling with CFX5.4.1
CFX Expression Language (CEL). Boundary conditions, initial conditions, source terms, most properties and algebraic additional variables can all be written in terms of a CEL expresssion.

For example, one could setup a mass flow specified inlet as a function of time, or set a parabolic inlet velocity profile. More complicated things are possible, and there are some examples of how to use expressions in the user documentation.


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