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Shabah April 15, 2001 08:42

Gluing problems
When I created the geo. file by running the analysis on a 3-D geometry, geo. file was created but the blocks are not glued in geo. file

Li Xinfeng April 22, 2001 04:34

Re: Gluing problems
You Can read "the Problem in creating .geo file", I think you will find how to deal with it.

Monir Hossain April 25, 2001 04:55

Re: Gluing problems
Sabah, Please check your meshes. If the grids do not match then the blocks will not be glued.

Hope this will help.


joseph May 8, 2001 05:47

Re: Gluing problems

while creating blocks ,it should be such that cfx will be able to reblock it into a single block. also the reblock option should be "on".

it all depends on the blocks and the mesh seeding you have given.

another important thing is that while creating geomtries and blocks see that to the maximium they are parametric. it reduces your volume meshing and reblocking time as well.



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