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Janice April 16, 2001 11:55

Can i solve?
Hello CFX users,

i am into offshore engineering and I wish to know a few things about CFX:

1. I am solving a problemm which involves computing water wave loads on a vertical surface peircing cylinder given that I have the magnitudes of velocity and velocity gradients of the flow field around the cylinder.The fluid here is water ( incompressible & inviscid).

i wish to know whether I can make use of CFX to solve this problem if so How?

2. Are there any software on public domain servers that could solve the above problem instead of CFX?

Thank you for sparing your time


Li Xinfeng April 22, 2001 04:33

Re: Can i solve?
CFX can do it.

Janice May 29, 2001 12:40

Re: Can i solve?
Hi there,

can u write tell me in detail how u can actually implement this in CFX thanx

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