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Jonas Larsson April 17, 2001 10:14

Avoiding Code Confusion
I've been asked to recommend everyone who posts a question to the CFX forum to clearly specify which code the question is related to - CFX-4, CFX-5, CFX-Tascflow or CFX-Build, ... This would avoid a lot of confusion - the AEA codes are quite different and if you don't specify which code you are using it can easily lead to missunderstandings.

John C. Chien April 17, 2001 13:00

Re: Avoiding Code Confusion
(1). I agree with you, but it is not just for CFX. (2). It is important to know that CFX .ne. CFX-4 .ne. CFX-5 .ne. CFX-TASCflow .ne. .... (3). The same is true for Fluent. Fluent .ne. Fluent.4 .ne. Fluent/UNS .ne. Fluent/tgrid .ne. Fluent/Rampant .ne. Fluent-5 ....(4). Sometimes, the version number is very important. This was the case when I was using ICEM/Hexa sometimes ago. Different versions can provide different solution , but it also creates unexpected problem. At one time, we were forced to use only a particular version only to avoid further confusion. (5). Anyway, commercial cfd codes are becoming like the Japanese Shushi. It is just hard to name it correctly.

Dan Williams April 18, 2001 00:14

Re: Avoiding Code Confusion
Maybe I can clear this up a tiny bit:

- CFX-4 uses a a pressure based segregated solver only on block structured grids.

- CFX-TASCflow uses a pressure based coupled implicit solver (mass and momentum) only on block structured grids.

- CFX-5 also uses a pressure based coupled implicit solver, but can handle both unstructured and structured grids, and is more scalable for parallel processing than either CFX-4 or CFX-TASCflow.

The physical models available in each package are where they really begin to distinguish themselves. CFX-4 has an extremely large base of models for simulating multiphase flows. TASCflow is extremely good for simulating turbomachinery, especially with it's dissimilar grid attachment features. CFX-5 combines the two in a few areas along with the unstructured gridding.


John C. Chien April 18, 2001 03:44

Re: Avoiding Code Confusion
(1). So, which one is called California ShuSi(a joke).

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