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karaye March 16, 2017 21:37

ANSYS CFX - Additional Variable Calculation Error
Dear all,

This is my first post on CFD-online and apologise in advance if this post is misplaced.

I am working on my third year project whereby I am simulating a droplet of glycerol on a plate placed in between an electric field in hopes of getting a cone formation as the droplet deforms. This is a preliminary part of my project which will lead to the simulation of a Taylor Cone in the electrospinning process. I am carrying out a QUASI 2D transient state multiphase/multiphysics simulation of a droplet.

An essential part of my project is to couple the Maxwell Stress Tensor within ANSYS CFX and for this, I've defined the volumetric force using CFX Expression Language. My aim now is to confirm that I have well-coupled the equations and for that I need to show the forces vector on the surface of the droplet. My supervisor asked me to create an expression of the electric force in the 'area of analysis' which I will then be able to view on CFX Post, however, I am getting an error when carrying out the simulation (Error code 1) as the electric force could not be computed.

I would like to know how to address this issue. If not, I will have to export my values of electric field components in 3D and carry out a finite difference method to obtain the force vectors using Matlab. Your help is much appreciated.


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