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icmyn April 28, 2001 21:32

beginner's question
What is the difference between cfx-build and cfx-meshbuild? Thanks.

icmyn April 29, 2001 03:41

Re: beginner's question

Gert-Jan van der Gulik April 29, 2001 07:50

Re: beginner's question
I prefer CFX-Meshbuild as it works works very intuitively.


Main disadvantages:

- constraints are hard to implement, especially in 2 dimensions.

- periodic boundaries are not direct applicable, but there is work around.

- a little old-fashioned, a lot of handwork is needed.

Main advantage:

- as I said, it works intuitively.

- the deform tool. You can select part of the geometry and deform it relative to the other part (translate, rotate, scale etc.).

CFX-Build (I am not an experienced user)

Main disadvantage: It has no deform tool which implies that if you want to move parts of the geometry, you have to delete them and rebuild them at the new location. I think this is annoying.

Main advantages:

- modern setup, more automated.

- you can use parameters to define your geometry which is meant to be a substitute for the deform tool but I don't like it.

Regs, Gert-Jan

joseph May 8, 2001 05:03

Re: beginner's question

Mesh build is an older preprocessor which came with CFX4,now they have cfx build which is based on PATRAN so if you are familiar with nastran or patran then the later will be cake walk.

cfx build is extremely friendly to use as compared to mesh build.



Kenneth McConachy May 10, 2001 22:53

Re: beginner's question
Hi Joseph

Is CFX build also a better tool than Meshbuild to build , say, an impeller in a stirred tank?



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