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icmyn May 8, 2001 03:10

Delft model
In the reference book of CFX4.3, there are two kinds of model for the equation of granular temperature about the kinetic theory of granular. One is standard model, the other is Delft model. What is the difference between them? the default model is standard or Delft?

Ribeiro August 8, 2001 13:38

Re: Delft model
The Delft model is a modification of the standard model described in user manual. The details of the Delft model are given in VAN WACHEN - Derivation, implementation and validation of computer simulation models for gas-solid fluidized beds, 2000 (PhD thesis at Delft, the netherlands).

The default model is the standard. To use the Delft model you must include the keyword DELFT MODEL at command menu >>PHASE DESCRIPTION.

I hope that it helps you.

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