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Hu Wei May 10, 2001 02:58

memory size
Hello, I want to run a case with about half million grid, does anyone know how many memory shoud i have to support that? Currently I am using TASCflow 2.10 under UNIX system with 512M memory. Thanks in advance.

John C. Chien May 10, 2001 03:27

Re: memory size
(1). You are pushing to the limit. Use 1Mega RAM for every 1K cells to estimate the RAM required. (2). so,500000 cells will likely require 500Mega RAM.

Dan Williams May 12, 2001 19:35

Re: memory size
It Depends on what sort of model complexity you are using. For standard hydrodynamics with k and epsilon used to model turbulence you will probably need about 280 (roughly) 4 byte words per node. That works out to 280*4*500,000/1024^2 = 534MB. I guess you need to purchase some more RAM.


park May 14, 2001 00:50

Re: memory size

when i ran the case with 400,000 grid (I also used k-e) ,TASCflow 2.10 used 500M ram and 600M swap file on SUN workstation

I guess you could run on your system but it take you too much time because swap file will be huge.

I think you should reduce the grid size if you want quick calculation.

If you reduce the number of GGI interfaces and blocks you could reduce the need of memory.

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