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Suwinee May 28, 2001 06:24

Dear All, I wonder whether the concept of lagragian approach and discrete particle simulation is the same. Thank you very much. Regards, Suwinee

Li Xinfeng May 28, 2001 09:18

Re: Lagragian
Dear Suwinee,

There are different two kind discrete particle simulation: Eular-lagragian approach and Eular-Eular approach. IN eular-largragian approach, the gas phase be solved in eular method and the particle be solved in Largragian method. and I Eular-Eular approach, Gas phase and particle also be solved Eular method.

Suwinee S. May 29, 2001 09:04

Re: Lagragian
Thank you for your answer Li Xinfeng. However, I have one more question. I think I understand about the concept of Euler-Lagra to simulate discrete particle but I thought that Euler-Euler treats solid as a continuum. So, Euler-Euler can't track individual particle. Please answer my question. Regards, Suwinee S.

Jan Rusås May 29, 2001 10:33

Re: Lagragian
Dear Suwinee, You are basically correct, You can not track individual particles in the Eulerian frame, The particles is treated as continous distributed, a kind of average model. In the lagrangian you can track 1 particle (in most cases the 1 particle represents many particlea of the the same size , density etc.) thats the beauty/pro of the Lagrangian model.

Regards Jan

keny July 18, 2001 03:28

Re: Lagragian
Hi all,

Suwinees's question could be of interest to many. However, I guess she may be wondering why she/he is not getting the right answers. I believe he/she has just been fed on the basics that are known to most of us, this is because the question is not clear. Please Suwinee could just not WONDER BUT ASK WHYS AND HOWS. This are easier question to answer, either one knows what to write or doesnt.



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