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Vitidphan May 31, 2001 05:01

Solid-liquid flow CFX-4 or CFX-5
Now i have to study solid in liquid flow model. Please tell me, how do the diffence between using CFX-4 and CFX-5 for this type of model. Thank you

Dan Williams June 4, 2001 21:07

Re: Solid-liquid flow CFX-4 or CFX-5
The disperse multiphase modelling in CFX-5.4.1 uses the same implementation (at least from the standpoint of the modelled drag term) as in CFX-4. The main differences are in the numerics used to solve the equations. CFX-5 is a coupled hydrodynamics solver, eg: the two velocity fields and the pressure are all solved at once, and uses a cell-vertex rather than cell centred approach.

So, in many cases you will tend to get results much quicker with CFX-5.4.1 than with CFX-4 if the volume fraction for the disperse phase remains below about 20% or so. In most cases, if you are within these limits, then you should get similar, if not the same, results as CFX-4.


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