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Chris June 1, 2001 12:02

Periodic b-conditions
I am currently trying to convince the CFX 4.3 pre-processor to accept my periodic boundary conditions, which it claims do not match up. I am modelling a very simple 90 degree ring sector with periodic b-conditions at the ends. I have checked that my model axis is in the cartesian x-direction and also that my model lies above the y=0 plane. When applying the analysis function I have chosen the geom-file to be written out in cylindrical coordinates. Yet the geom file is not written as the periodic b-conditions do not have matching counterparts on the designated surfaces. This is very hard to believe since I use a VERY simple grid. There is obviously something that I am missing. This is a 5 minute problem that is turning into a week of frustration. I am appalled at the fact that such an important function is not accompanied by an example in the user-manual.

Chris June 4, 2001 04:00

Re: Periodic b-conditions
The people from the CFX-help desk have been in contact with me and my frustrations are being attended to. I would like to apologize to those who might find my reference to the CFX-help files offending. It is not my intention to place the software in a negative light.

Thanks for the help.

Gert-Jan van der Gulik June 6, 2001 02:30

Re: Periodic b-conditions
The following discussion might help, in combination with the community pages of CFX.

Regs, Gert-Jan

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