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Syaek June 6, 2001 13:06

HI All,

I am wondering if it possible to use a CFX mesh in Fluent? I have meshed the problem in ICEM/HEXA and I wish to use the same mesh in both packages. Any help would be grateful.



Dan Williams June 6, 2001 23:31

Re: CFD--->Fluent.
Which CFX package? CFX-5.x, CFX-4.x or CFX-TASCflow 2.x?

Li Xinfeng June 7, 2001 01:59

Re: CFD--->Fluent.
Of Course, If you use ICEM/HEXA,You can select what ouput file you want. If you want to output cfx4 file, you should select the cfx4 then set BCF and then select all block to is same mothod to get a fluent file. It's very easy in icemcfd.

Li Xinfeng June 7, 2001 02:01

Re: CFD--->Fluent.
It's have not relation with the which package if he use icemcfd/hexa. he can select cfx4,cfx5 tascflow.....and fluent 5, fluent 4........ It's very easy in icemcfd.

jon June 7, 2001 04:41

Re: CFD--->Fluent.
Can I ask why you are wanting to do this?

Syaek June 7, 2001 05:54

Re: CFD--->Fluent.
Simple! Mesh comparison between the two packages---fluent and TASCflow.

Li Xinfeng June 7, 2001 09:02

Re: CFD--->Fluent.
You said you use icem/HEXA, That is to say there has same mesh between fluent and tascflow, no Mesh comparison between the two packages---fluent and TASCf at all.

Dan Williams June 7, 2001 23:27

Re: CFD--->Fluent.
Sorry, I missed the ICEM/HEXA part. Don't know how I managed to do that. You are right. CFX-5 and CFX-TASCflow can read HEXA grids. Probably Fluent too.


Steve Cosgrove June 16, 2001 18:16

Re: CFD--->Fluent.
Note that even though the same mesh (i.e. number of cells/nodes are the same) can be run in both packages, it is not an apples to apples comparison. Fluent is a cell based code (e.g. number of unknowns ~ number of cells) while Tascflow is a point or vertex based code (e.g. number of unk ~ number of vertices of the mesh).

The differences are not as pronounced on hex meshes where the number of cells and vertices are similar. This is not the case on an all tet or tet-prism mesh.

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