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pom June 7, 2001 08:45

what is different of CFX Products?
what is different between CFX V5 and CFX TASCflow?

And CFX Products have Pre and post processor?

Regards, pom

Dan Williams June 10, 2001 11:47

Re: what is different of CFX Products?
First, I'd look at the website carefully. You should be able to get most of the information you need.

As far as numerics are concerned the flow solvers in CFX-5 and CFX-TASCflow are very similar, in that they are both coupled implicit pressure based solvers, and both use algebraic multigrid acceleration. Some differences I can think of betweeen the two are:

- Overall, CFX-5 has fewer physical models. However it has some that TASCflow doesn't, eg. multiphase flow.

- Parallelisation of CFX-5 is far better than TASCflow. Given big enough grids, CFX-5 scales very well, up to 512 CPUs (you would need a huge grid for this).

- The CFX-5 flow solver can run structured and unstructured grids (with a slight memory penalty on structured grids, and the larger penalty of an unstructured grid)

- CFX-5 has a built in unstructured mesher and geometry creation. TASCflow does not have any geometry creation. It does have TASCgrid, but it's pretty tough to figure out, so most people import stuctured grids from other packages such as ICEM Hexa.


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