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kvbswamy June 25, 2001 01:03

Mesh import
Hi all, I have mesh created from ICEM HEXA. I want to give input based on cylindrical co-ordinate system in CFX5.4 . But Once I import the mesh I do not find any means to create co-ordinate system as the geometry tools are not available. How to overcome this problem ? Thanks for your time. Veera

Patrick June 25, 2001 11:36

Re: Mesh import
It depends what you want to do.

If you want to read the mesh coordinates as (r,theta, z) instead of (x,y,z) you cannot do this at present in CFX-Build 5.4 - you'll need to manually convert the nodal coordinates from cylindrical to rectangular first and then import the mesh.

If you want to create coordinate frames in VMI mode, just type in the appropriate session file function in the command window (you can generate the session file lines for coordinate frames and other geometric entities in meshing mode first and then "play" them in VMI mode). For example, the following two lines

STRING asm_create_cord_axi_created_ids[VIRTUAL]

asm_const_coord_axis("1", "XY", "Coord 0", 1, "[1 1 1]", "[2 1 1]", "[1 2 1]", asm_create_cord_axi_created_ids)

creates a rectangular coordinate frame with origin at [1 1 1], with [2 1 1] as point in first (X) axis and [1 2 1] as point in second (Y) axis.

Robin Steed June 27, 2001 15:14

Re: Mesh import
When you import a mesh into Build, the geometry creation tools are still there, only hidden. This is done because most of the geometry creation tools are there for the sake of building geometry for meshing.

If you want to get at the geomtry panel, type the following command at the command line in Build:


Now you can make as many coordinate frames as you like :)


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