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ganeshram krishnamoorthy June 29, 2001 06:02

regarding cfx
hello, i am in the first stage of my project.that is i am going to complete the geometry of my model.for that i am selecting create solid B-rep

and i am deleting the original surfaces.

but it is showing some error.that is " A gap exists between two of the faces in the body.this may be due to edges not matching directly or a missing face.edges are highlighted. use edit/surface/edgematch to close the gaps, then use create/solid/brep to create the solid"

but after editing the edge match also, i am getting the same error.anybody please help me in giving some good suggestion to this.thanking u,

urs friendly, ganeshram.

Robin Steed July 1, 2001 11:11

Re: regarding cfx
Hi Ganeshram,

There are two options for fixing gaps:

Edit|Surface|Edge Match will associate the edges of surfaces which line up; or Edit|Surface|Sew which may be used to close small gaps between surface. Use this option with care, however; since it modifies the surface, a large gap may mess up your geometry.

In order to create a B-Rep solid, you must have edges which are reasonably close to one another.

First, make sure you have an enclosed volume; A simple check is to hide everything except the surfaces you are trying to combine into a B-Rep, using the Plot/Erase tool. When you have only these surfaces showing, switch to solid rendering and look for holes. If you see any holes, add the necessary surfaces and try again.

Another common error is to reference the same surface twice or have included internal surfaces. Make sure you do not have the same surface referenced twice, or overlapping faces. If you have included internal surfaces, remove them.

A less common error occurs when a collapsed face is included in the B-Rep list. Collapsed faces can occur when badly parameterized lines or surfaces are extruded. Without going into detail, it is possible to have a surface which has collapsed down to a line and exists at the boundary of two other surfaces. If you try to use Edge Match on two surfaces that have a collapsed surface between them, you will not be successful.

To find a collapsed face, copy the surface list for your B-Rep solid to the Show|Surface|Properties selection line and look for a surface with zero area. If you have one, delete it and try making your solid again.

I hope this helps.


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