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sanjib das sharma July 2, 2001 09:17

CFX4 2d geometry
Hi, I am a new user of CFX4.I am having problems to create simple 2-D geometries like parallel plates,axisymmetric pipe,circular cylinder etc.I am a bit confused about CFX-Build and CFX-Meshbuild.I have read the manuals carefully,but cannot figure out.Please help me on this regard. Thanks Sanjib.

Jan Rusås July 2, 2001 15:00

Re: CFX4 2d geometry
Dear Sanjib,

Create a surface in i.e. the x-y plane, create a solid by extruding this surface in the z direction, extrude by say 1.

For axisymmetric the low-j should be a symmetry plane.

Create the mesh and REMEMBER only one cell in the z-direction for 2d geometries.

If you are using build and want to create an axisymmetric geometry, remember in the analyse to activate the slab=wedge.

From mesh-build I think for creating axisymmetric geometry you should convert the geometry in mesh import where there is an option for axi-symmetry.

Hope it helps,

Regards Jan

sanjib das sharma July 3, 2001 00:47

Re: CFX4 2d geometry
Dear Jan, Thanks a lot for the suggestions. Regards, Sanjib.

sanjib das sharma July 3, 2001 01:18

Re: CFX4 2d geometry
Dear Jan, can you expalin the main difference between CFX-Build and CFX Meshbuild? Regards, Sanjib

sanjib das sharma July 4, 2001 06:08

Re: CFX4 2d geometry
Hi, Can anyone please tell me how to run CFX-Meshbuild i.e,how to get into that environment and start building geometries?I am new to this software and facing a lot of difficulties.I can run the CFX-Build,but it seems to be good for 3D geometries. Regards, Sanjib

P.Fonteijn July 4, 2001 15:50

Re: CFX4 2d geometry
What kind of system are you working on? Winnt? Unix?

You don't need Meshbuild. It is a little old fashioned. Build can do it all (well, almost everything).


sanjib das sharma July 5, 2001 00:56

Re: CFX4 2d geometry
Hi Fonteijn, The system is Unix.Can u please give me hints on how to build a parallel plate geometry and a vertical axisymmetric pipe.I've tried a lot,but as I'm completely new to this,I'm not able to do it. thanks for your reply Regards, sanjib

Gert-Jan van der Gulik July 5, 2001 02:58

Re: CFX4 2d geometry

From the environment menu go to

:>Other pre-processing

That's not hard to find.

Building a 2D-geometry?

- Give in all free points in the x-y-plane

- Create faces in the x-y-plane

- Extrude the plane to a block in the z-direction

- Create the grid and just use 1 grid cel in y-direction.

- write the grid.

I am sure there is nice example in the manual for a start.

Regs, Gert-Jan van der Gulik

sanjib das sharma July 5, 2001 06:51

Re: CFX4 2d geometry;Thanks
Hi van der Gulik

Thanks a lot.I've followed your instructions and obtained the geometry.Now I've some idea how things actually work. Regards, Sanjib.

sanjib das sharma July 6, 2001 02:30

Re: CFX4 2d geometry
Hi, I'm having a difficulty to write a 2d geometry(parallel plates)file.Can anyone sort that out please. Regards, Sanjib.

Gert-Jan van der Gulik July 7, 2001 05:53

Re: CFX4 2d geometry
Now, what's the problem?

sanjib das sharma July 9, 2001 06:27

Re: CFX4 2d geometry
Hi, does anyone know how to remove patches from the command line or how to modify a patch? Thanks, Sanjib.

Matej Forman July 9, 2001 06:40

Re: CFX4 2d geometry
Hi, to modify a patch in command file:



OLD PATCH NAME,NEW PATCH NAME,NEW PATCH TYPE keywords are avalible. If you want to change a location, you can do it through the renaming to new patch,or - specify it either in meshbuild (or Build)and generate+write the mesh again, or in command file, which is more flexible when setting the case.I strongly sudgest to go through introductory examples. it takes you 1 day but saves much more back. good luck! matej

Jan Rusås July 9, 2001 08:12

Re: CFX4 2d geometry
Don't you have a manual? Many of your questions are very well described in the manual. I know it is difficult to start with a new code, but it is usefull to get familiar with the manual.

Good Luck Jan

sanjib das sharma July 9, 2001 08:18

Re: CFX4 2d geometry
Hi Jan & Matej, thanks both of you for the suggestions. regards, Sanjib

bin xia July 10, 2001 04:36

Re: CFX4 2d geometry
hi,Sanjib I am also a beginner of CFX 4.1. Now I am learning CFX-build, but in my manual there is little examples, would you please tell me how many examples in your manual and can you use the on-line maual?

Thanks a lot.

Wish we learn CFX smoothly.

bin xia

sanjib das sharma July 10, 2001 05:56

Re: CFX4 2d geometry
Hi Bin, There are 5 examples in CFX-BUILD and 14 examples in CFX-MESHBUILD.If you have only CFX-BUILD like me,then you have to access the online manual only.Initially it will be a bit difficult,you need to get accustomed.I am trying to solve some simple 2d problems eg.flow through parallel plates,pipes.I think this approach will be okay. Regards, Sanjib.

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