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dingding July 15, 2001 23:13

how to simulate wave?
hi,everybody! I want to simulate sinusoidal wave varying with time. I don't know how to do, please help me!

Robin Steed July 16, 2001 20:15

Re: how to simulate wave?
What code are you running and where do you want to simulate the wave? I assume you are referring to a sinusoidally varying boundary condition.

Please be more specific.


dingding July 16, 2001 20:58

Re: how to simulate wave?
hello! Robin I use the CFX4.3 software and simulate the free surface between the oil and the water. Now, I want to impose an initial sinusoidal wave disturbance on the water-oil interface at time t=0. I want to study the behavior of the oil-water interface with the wave. I set many kinds of boundary condition, but only see the velocity at the inlet varying with the time and don't see the interface wave. why? I need your help! Thanks!

Sascha July 18, 2001 11:20

Re: how to simulate wave?
Use the User-Subroutine USRINT and pose there your initial sinusoidal wave as a variation of the volumefraction VFRAC(INODE,IPHASE)=f(x,y,Phase) in dependence of the location x,y. It is really easy :)


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