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Antonio Galgano July 16, 2001 13:33

file .f and .geo with .fc
Hello, I'm trying to use files .geo and .f together with a .fc file on a HP visualize C3600, but an error message appears telling me that it is an I/O fortran error: number 913 ..... and so on. I'm sure that there are no errors in files .fc .geo and .f. If someone is interested and wants to help me I'll send the whole error message. Thank you

dingding July 16, 2001 21:04

Re: file .f and .geo with .fc
I think you use the wrong version of the FORTRAN software. You may do a try using the visual fortran 6.0.

Antonio Galgano July 17, 2001 04:21

Re: file .f and .geo with .fc
I use fortran 90. Do you think it is good for my problem?

dingding July 17, 2001 04:35

Re: file .f and .geo with .fc

I meet a similar problem a month ago. When I choose the visual fortran6.0, the problem can be solve. I know your software is the visual fortran5.0, or fortran90. The software CFX4.3 need fortran6.0, the old version fortran don't support the computation! You do a try using the visual fortran6.0. good luck!

Antonio Galgano July 17, 2001 09:25

Re: file .f and .geo with .fc
Thank you very much for your suggestions,they are very useful to me. I am using CFX4.4, do you think that it could be the same problem? Thank you again.

dingding July 17, 2001 10:18

Re: file .f and .geo with .fc
hello! I use the CFX4.3 software, but I have not simulated three phases flow, and I don't know if there are the same problem. I will simulate three phase:gas-liquid-liquid, we may discuss how to use the software.

macc September 17, 2001 01:56

Re: file .f and .geo with .fc
dingding, just wondering if you have simulated the three phase flow.

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