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sanjib das sharma July 30, 2001 02:31

vertical pipe flow
Hi, I'm solving gas-solid flow through a vertical 2-d pipe. I have built the geometry,but don't know what option to give in the solver so that the horizontal pipe is taken as a vertical pipe in the computaional domain.The flow of gas and solid will be upwards. Please help me with the above information. Regards, Sanjib.

Jan Rusås July 30, 2001 05:35

Re: vertical pipe flow
Please specify which code CFX?.?

In CFX4.?;

In the options you must specify BUOYANT FLOW (for eulerian two-phase flow) or PARTICLE BUOYANCY (for langrangian model for solids)

Under physical parameters you then specify
:>BUOYANCY PARAMETERS GRAVITY VECTOR X X X for a vertical upward pipeflow the VECTOR would be 0 -9.82 0 Read the manual carefully for more details.


sanjib das sharma July 30, 2001 06:17

Re: vertical pipe flow
Dear Jan, I have CFX-4.3.What if I want only single phase flow through a vertical pipe in 2d geometry with axisymmetric condition and in cylindrical co-ordinates? Regards, Sanjib.

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