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Pandu July 30, 2001 16:53

gas solid flow in a pipe

Previously I am using CFX 5.4, but ever since I start modeling gas solid flow, I switched to CFX 4.4 3 weeks ago

I was overwhelmed with CFX build, which is much more complex. And I could not use solid B rep either. My aim is to simulate gas solid flow through 90 degree horizontal to vertical elbow. I was having trouble constructing a semi/circular surface which I want to extrude solid from. The following error appear:

"The surface type used for this Action, Object, Method function is invalid. It must be of a type that when created, has the default color of Green."

I was also planning to create a base curve so then I can just use create-solid glide to extend my surface into the whole solid. Is it wise to do this way, can you guys suggest a better way to construct this kind of geometry.

I also did not the constraints and the unmatched boundary options. Is it something that you must do after constructing your geometry? In the constraints I read that if you have 2 unequal faces at the joints that you have to use the constraints.

Can you guys tell me how to obtain a user manual and examples of gas solid flow? A user manual would be greatly helpful if I can have one. Currently I am working as an undergraduate student assistant in university.

Your help will be greatly appreciatd. Thank you


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