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Jan Rusaas July 30, 2001 17:19

sanjib das sharma
Dear Sanjib,

You have now at least 4 active post on CFX online where you ask for help. You should spend more time on reading the manual and less on posting in the cfx forum ;)

I am a bit confused about what you really need help for, you have several post i.e creating both 2d and 3d pipes, transient flow, including gravity in particle flow etc.

Could you please specify what you are trying to calculate, then I am sure, I or some one else in this forum will help you.

"Just a few weeks of trial and error using CFX can save you an afternonn reading the manual"

Regards Jan

Li Xinfeng July 30, 2001 21:48

Re: sanjib das sharma
Yes, I read every message post by Sanjib, I found he should be able to find answer in manual.

Dan Williams July 31, 2001 00:47

Re: sanjib das sharma
Maybe Sanjib doesn't have the manuals?


Li Xinfeng July 31, 2001 03:33

Re: sanjib das sharma
Perhaps! Sanjib, If you have not manuals, I will send your pdf manuals.

joseph July 31, 2001 04:42

Re: sanjib das sharma
hey sanjib

are you from India. then from which part.



sanjib das sharma August 2, 2001 06:21

Hi Joseph
Hi,I am from IIT-Delhi.Where are you from? Regards, Sanjib

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