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TOM August 1, 2001 22:00

zoom visualize
Dear all, i want to zoom my visualization by mouse click zoom but it did not effect. So, please recommend to me how do i can see detail of each part of system by zoom option. Regard..

Bart Prast August 2, 2001 04:45

Re: zoom visualize
In the latest version of visualize for CFX 5: press the control key and make your zoom-box with the left mouse button

TOM August 2, 2001 11:54

Re: zoom visualize
Hello, i used CFX 5.4.1. But i tried to press the control key and make your zoom-box with the left mouse button but it is not active or nothing happen, i donot know why?. Thank you

Bart Prast August 2, 2001 12:31

Re: zoom visualize
call helpdesk

joseph August 7, 2001 08:16

Re: zoom visualize

this is no big deal,just that it is not that straigh forward press the zoom put icon and then the whole screen will move then you will need to pan using the right button on the mouse then repeat if it is not zoomed enough ........

just hang on till september I guess they are coming with a new post processor.

I agree with you that it is a little extra work



Pat Neuman August 9, 2001 04:27

Re: zoom visualize
The pre-release of CFX-Post is available for download from the CFX comunity pages. Only SGI, SUN and NT4.0 compiles are included for pre-release with the rest of the compiles comming at release time (October, 2001).

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