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Alexis Muller August 16, 2001 12:49

attaching grid with TASCflow

I'm using TASCflow 2.10 in turbomachine. I have encouter the following problem.

1) I create sucessfully a 1st geometry using TURBOGRID(a domain containing 2 blades) 2) I create sucessfully a scd geometry using TURBOGRID(a domain containing 1 blade single block) 3) I append the second geometry to the first

The result is a domain but with only 2 blades(the 2 from the 1st)...which is not true since TASCflow knows the geometry of the blade. I think that TASCflow just can't differenciate the boundary conditions since those conditions are in the BCF file which I doesn't read.

If someone has ever find how to solve this problem...

Many thanks,


Drona August 20, 2001 04:55

Re: attaching grid with TASCflow
Hi Alexis,

Looks like you are not able to append the second grid at all. I mean are you able to import it without error or it gives you an error message and you can't import? If you are able to import but don't see the second grid, then you can try to find out the location of the second grid in relation to the first, I mean the x,y,z coordinates. The second grid may be far apart or overlapped. You can modify the second grid using TASCtool's MODGRD command.

If you can apend, what error message you get?

Hope it helps


Alex August 20, 2001 05:52

Re: attaching grid with TASCflow
Hi Drona,

Many thanks for your interest in my problem.

Actually I can append the 2cd grid and I see the grid exactly where it should be. The problem is that inside my second grid (which is a diffuser) I have a blade. The geometry of the blade is recognize by TASCflow( TASCflow knows a region called BLADE_DIFF with DIFF the name of my new grid).

BUT...the blade doesn't show when I append the grid!!!

TASCflow doesn't recognize the region as a solid region (since I didn't find a way to import the boundary conditions c.g. the bcf file corresponding to my grd.diff). Therefore even if I can attach the grid properly I wasn't able to define directly a wall condition (for example) to the region called BLADE_DIFF.

Now the problem is solved(cf before post) but I'm still looking for an automatical way of reading or/and importing the bcf file of my second grid.

Many thanks,


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