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Alex August 17, 2001 10:44

Boundary face

I'm using TASC I would like to know if it's possible to declare any part of a mesh(a surface) as a boundary face. Thx


cfd guy August 17, 2001 13:19

Re: Boundary face
I'm not sure if I understood your question but, here it goes...
You can define a face (of mesh) by two ways. One way is to use the TascBob3D tool, which you define it using line commands (text mode). And the other way, and the easier one, is to use the region manager in Tascflow GUI... Go to Tools menu and then "Region Manager", in there you can do it interactively by picking up several nodes to define a region. Once you defined a region, you can set a B.C. for it.

Good luck.
cfd guy.

Alex August 18, 2001 10:23

Re: Boundary face
Many thanks for your answer.

In fact I was a bit upset becausse the geometry I was trying to create was allready existing. In fact I had to append a new grid and the goemetry was a part of this grid. But the BC of that geometry weren't defined.

Here is the way I proceed to solve my problem. In the directory where my first gird is: *using TASCflow* FILE>APPEND GRID --> *using tascbob3d* SUCCESSFULLY READ X SUBGRID(S) FROM GRD FILE SUCCESSFULLY READ Y INTERFACE(S) FROM GRD FILE
:enter object label : REGION_4_GRD_NEW
:define region : [xi:yi,xj:yj,xk:yk]:GRD.NEW
:x(ur choice)
:1(for solid)
:0(to exit)

And it's ok!

My problem remains...Is it possible to append directly the boundary conditions of my GRD.NEW when I append the geometry?


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