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J. Keays August 27, 2001 09:55

Saving plots.

Could anyone tel me how I can save a post-processing plot to file as a bmp, tiff or any other file format. I can plot say a contour plot of pressure, but I can't figure out how to save it to file.

kind regards,


cfd guy August 27, 2001 13:15

Re: Saving plots.
If you're using Analyse (CFX 4.3 - 4.4) you must go to file menu and then Print Image File, there you can choose your desired format. But if you're using Visualize (CFX-5), you must do a similar procedure. However, if you're using CFX-View, the only choice you have is to export a Postscript file (.ps)

cfd guy

J. Keays August 27, 2001 13:16

Re: Saving plots.

Thank you. I have figured it out. Actually,. I have another question. How do I create points on a plane whose pressure or velocity values I can actual read? IN other words, I want to get the pressure and velocity at points on a plane. Thanks again!

Ragnhild Halden August 29, 2001 02:51

Re: Saving plots.
One way of doing this is to create an XY plot in Analyse. There is even an option to save this plot to file, then you can open this file in f.ex Excel, and view all the values you want!

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