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cfd guy August 28, 2001 11:55

CFX-5: Monitoring values
Hi all,
Is there a way to output a variable in a specified node or physical space along the solution in CFX-5? In CFX-4 is possible due the following features: "OUTPUT MONITOR POSITION" (physical coordinate) and "OUTPUT MONITOR POINT" (nodal coordinate). So, is there a similar procedure in CFX-5?
cfd guy

J. Keays August 28, 2001 17:24

Re: CFX-5: Monitoring values

I was wondering the same thing. I have to create a point...effectively a line from the centre point to whereever, and then plot the value I want on an x-y plot. It will plot all the values from the centre point to the end of the line.

Dan Williams August 29, 2001 21:08

Re: CFX-5: Monitoring values
Monitoring points will be available in CFX-5.5 coming out this fall. There is no easy way to do this in 5.4.1.


Dan Williams August 29, 2001 21:11

Re: CFX-5: Monitoring values
Could you clarify for me a bit:

- Create a point where?

- Create a line where?

- What will plot values from the center to the end of the line?

I have a feeling you might have misunderstood the original question.


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