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Chrys Correa August 31, 2001 03:59

Manipulating the .geo file
Hi everyone!

I'm trying to write a .geo file for CFX on my own. I'm starting out with a simple cubical geometry (1 block). The .geo file is basically simple enough to create, but I have a question about the PATCHES section. I created 7 patches (1 inlet, 1 outlet, 4 walls and 1 fluid). For each patch, I have to specify a direction (it takes values between 0 and 6). Does anyone know what this value stands for???

Thanks a lot.

Herve August 31, 2001 06:40

Re: Manipulating the .geo file
That would be the direction for the location of the patch on the block (1 to 6 for "surface" patches; 0 for a 3-D patch).

Wole August 31, 2001 12:30

Re: Manipulating the .geo file
Yeah. 0 is for 3-D patches (e.g porous, solid etc) and 1-6 for surface patches (i.e in 2-D). For these surface patches, the plane to which the patch is specified determines the patch number e.g. Low J is 5. There is a lot more infomation on this in CFX documentation (see Preprocessing : Geometry file format page 2-489)

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