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Dr C.Bhasker August 31, 2001 23:42

help on memory settings in TASCflow
To All CFX-5 TASCflow Users:

For the present, I am working with one Combined Cycle Demonstration plant component Windbox, which comprises several hundreds of nozzels with typical annulus. The geometry and grid has been generated in IDEAS-Software and when exported in TASCflow Solver using TASCU2S utility, it generated binary grid comprises 2301 grid blocks and around 6500 grid interfaces. With appropriate in memory settings in TASCbob3d, Load pre prossing is presenting the geometrical and grid information.

The Computer System using for the above problem is PIII with NT OS RAM 512 MB HDD may around 15-20 GB.

Earlier above has worked with the grid blocks of order 307 with grid interfaces 537 and for other problem 530 grid blocks and 1015 grid interfaces, with appropriate settings, the solver has worked well on the above system.

In this regard can any user from CFX-TASCflow help me out to know on memory settings or limitations of solver upto what extent one can restrict geometry and grid size of the problem on the on the above computing system.

Your email reply to this effect helps me quite lot in analysing the problem. Please cc reply to also.


Dr C.Bhasker Sr Scientific Officer CFD Group BHEL R&D Division Vikasnagar, Hyderabad-500 093 India

Drona September 5, 2001 05:57

Re: help on memory settings in TASCflow
Dear Dr Bhasker,

A thumb rule I have known is: Leave out 1 MB of memory for every 1000 grid points. Your problem does look big for me - at least the number of grids and interfaces suggest so. Unless your grid blocks are very small(few hundred grid points) your total grid size is large. The memory of your computer can handle probably 400,000-500,000 grid points. So, if your grid is smaller than that, you should be OK. Otherwise, need to increase the memory.

TASCflow also talks about memory requirements and management in its user manual. You may find Chapter 5.5 of the User Manual(Version 2.11) useful to read.

I hope it helps.



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