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Ricardo Damian September 3, 2001 19:13

Comparison between Eulerian and Lagrangian Models
Hello People,

I am trying to simulate a 2 phase flow (water & air) and I want to use both models: Euler-Euler (multi-fluid) and Euler-Lagrange (particle transport);

The geometry is as ladle fulfilled with water and there is a gas injection point positioned on the ladle base center. The water was set as turbulent. I am considering the buoyancy effects.

I simulated with both models and I get the following results:

* the shape of the velocity fields are the same;

* the velocity values of the Eulerian case are like 8 times higher than in the Lagrangian case;

* the turbulent quantities (k and eps) for the liquid phase are very larger in the Eulerian case;

I set the same drag coefficient (Cd=0.44) for both phases, as a test, just to be sure that I was using the same value;

The question is, why the velocity values are so smaller with the Lagrangian model?

I'd appreciate you help. Regards,

Ricardo Damian

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