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Pandu Sattvika September 7, 2001 17:04

question on scrolling
Hi guys,

Lately I have installed CFX 4.4 under window 2000 pro. I had no problem runing Analyse or Environment, but on CFX Build there is a slight problem. On geometry, or Mesh, or similar icon, I have trouble of scrolling down, and that means I could not fill some of the "bottom" information. I already try to drag the window, enlarge it, and then tried to scroll down until max, but still could not get down to fill the bottom option. Is anyone having the same problem as I willing to share how to get rid of this bug? I know I would not get support from CFX, because I email them last time and they said unless it run on NT machine it has not provide support under 2000 window environment. At least until the new releases.

Astrid September 9, 2001 07:22

Re: question on scrolling
Have you tried to increase your monitor resolution from 1024x768 to something like 1280x1024. I am not sure if it will work but you can give it a try.

Good luck

Rusaas September 10, 2001 17:55

Re: question on scrolling

I think the problem is related to small monitors, if the size of you monitor is less than 19" or 21" you can have problems. I read about the problem in the manual so I am surprised that support could not help you. I think the solution was setting an option to "small screen". That at least helped me, though on Win NT.

See if you can find the option, read the pages about options.

If your screen is large enough, try as suggested by Astrid to change the resolution.


Pandu Sattvika September 11, 2001 11:35

Thanks guys,

I changed the resolution and solved the problem.

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