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Magnus September 13, 2001 07:54

Coal with EBU

I have encountered a problem when running the coal with EBU model in CFX4.3. Every time I run it the solver aborts the calculation after some number (>2) of particle itegrations without any error message. If anyone might have an idea about what my problem can be please respond.


Jan Rusaas September 13, 2001 17:19

Re: Coal with EBU
Hi' When does it stop, during the flow or particle calculation. Have you checked the output file, sometimes it is written there why it is stopped.


Magnus September 14, 2001 01:34

Re: Coal with EBU
Thank you Jan for your quick respond. It seems like I might have already found the cause to my problem. You see, I am simulating a gasification reactor for black liquor in a 2D axisymmetric model and I have just found out that I have, by misstake, set a angular velocity component for the coal particles. This might have been the cause to why the flow calculation stops (no message in *.fo) in between two particle calculations? The thing that confuses me is that the calculations did not stop at the first particle claculation!

Maybe you (or someone else) can help me with another problem? I have trouble when using USRPBC and COAL EBU model. It seems like the code overwrites my particle BCs (set in USRPBC) and stops the calculation after the first flow calculation? I have no trouble with a isothermal (no combustion) run with the same *.f file. Is there something that must be added when I use USRPBC with the COAL EBU model?

Have a good day,


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