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J. Keays September 17, 2001 10:28

Scalable wall functions.
Hi All,

Could anyone tell me where the scalable wall functions approach came from. Who was the first to publish this idea. I would like the full reference..pleaseeeeeee!!



Ribeiro September 17, 2001 13:26

Re: Scalable wall functions.
Hi, J.

I indicate you a beginning book that might have some references about turbulence:

D.C.Wilcox Turbulence Modelling for CFD.

There are others references as good as Wilcox book that contributed to wall functions development:

- Lumley & Tennekes; - Batchlor; - Kolmogorov;

But the literature about this topic is very long...

Good luck


J. Keays September 17, 2001 20:10

Re: Scalable wall functions.
Hi Rib.,

Thanks for you help. However, I was hoping some one could literally igve me the reference. I am afraid, I am no where near a library currently and I need to know the name of the origninal paper in order to reference it. Thanks though, I will probably have to turn to Wilcox for the answer.


Herve September 18, 2001 07:58

Re: Scalable wall functions.
I recommend you read/reference Grotjans, H., Menter, F.R., (1998), "Wall Functions for General Application CFD Codes", ECCOMAS 98, John Wiley & Sons Ltd. This is the reference paper for such functions (at least the ones implemented in CFX); for general info cf. Wilcox (1993)

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