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Pandu Sattvika September 17, 2001 15:44

abnormal program termination
Dear guys,

Sometimes when I open CFX Analyse from CFX 4, I get "abnormal program termination" This is happen when I load RSO/TFN file. Does anybody know what causes this?

Ribeiro September 18, 2001 08:21

Re: abnormal program termination
Which version of CFX-4 and which platform you run?

Pandu Sattvika September 18, 2001 09:22

Re: abnormal program termination
CFX version 4.4 and under win 2000 environment

Ribeiro September 20, 2001 09:27

Re: abnormal program termination
Often, I face this problem when I try to open a new rso with a opened rso in the screen. If this the problem I suggest to quit Analyse and then run it and open the new rso.

Pandu Sattvika September 24, 2001 15:04

Re: abnormal program termination
Well, it happens everytime i try to open the dump file. Do you think it happens because of low virtual memory? Right now I have no means of evaluating my result.

I also have CFX 5 Visualise running in other computer lab. Can it be used to view the result I got from CFX 4.4 and how do you do it?

Thanks a lot for the help guys.


Astrid September 24, 2001 15:56

Re: abnormal program termination
Have you tried to icrease the memory limits?

As far as I know you cannot use CFX-5-Visualise for CFX-4.4 dumpfiles.

Good luck, Astrid

Pandu Sattvika September 25, 2001 11:57

Re: abnormal program termination
Hi Astrid,

It's still does not work.

How much memory should I increase?

Astrid September 25, 2001 15:37

Re: abnormal program termination
I don't no if it will work. Just advising the things I should try.

Memory settings? Depends on you problem size. Look at your dumpfile size and take, lets say, twice the size in megabytes for reals and once the size for integers. Character size is less important.

As you use Windows 2000 nothing is garanteed. So this might be the problem.

Good luck, Astrid

John C. Chien September 26, 2001 02:53

Re: abnormal program termination
(1). When something is not working, it is important to repeat a sample case, or a tutorial case, or a case which was working before, and try to compare the results between the new run and the old case. (2). If the old case runs all right, then you should be o.k. The problem maybe case specific. (3). If the old run fails, then you know that you have a bigger problem. Each time you change something, the version, the machine, etc. it is important to do code check out first. (4). The operating system is always a possibility. But that is outside our domain, and one way to do is to use a newer version so that you have fewer bugs in the system. So, why not do some step-by-step elimination first.

Pandu Sattvika October 3, 2001 14:46

Thanks, abnormal program termination
Hi guys,

I think I have figured what was wrong with it. Exceed version that should be used is Exceed 7, the new edition that support win 2000.

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