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Chie Min September 18, 2001 09:51

Recovering simulation data
Hi all,

I am using CFX-4.3 on a workstation. I would like to know how to save the data in between the simulation. For example, when the server goes down or when the power is out, the simulation stops. Is it possible for me to restart the simulation from where it last stops?

Regards, Chie Min

John C. Chien September 19, 2001 18:00

Re: Recovering simulation data
(1). It is much cheaper to install a good UPS to handle power failure. When working for a world leading (failing) company sometimes ago, we had a lot of problem with the company's power failure. (even though the UPS is relatively cheap, it will cost something when you have hundreds or thousands of computers) (2). As a result, programmer was hired to write script files to do frequent program restart , that is to sechdule many similar short job runs, with input from the previous results. So, you always have the results at some point when the power fails. (3). In old days, the computers were very slow, so the restart is routine in programming, you run a couple of hundreds of iterations each run, and look at the result, then restart it. (4). Modern commercial codes should be able to do this more easily.

matej forman September 20, 2001 07:34

Re: Recovering simulation data
In CFX the best prevention of loosing data wuold be for you to dump the results every X timesteps or iteration. you will found it under OUTPUT OPTIONS >>DUMP FILE OPTIONS

than you can restart manually the job or write the script.

hope this helps


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