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Jack September 19, 2001 23:34

Pressure units.
I'm using the CFX 4.5.1 visualise component to get an area weighted pressure over a surface on my model. The program is giving me pressures in units of kg m^-1 s^-2. i.e. kilograms per metre per second squared.

I'm a little confused as to what the units mean and how to convert them to pascals which is a much more sensible unit.

Any help appreciated.

Fabian September 20, 2001 02:55

Re: Pressure units.
Pa=N*m^-2=kg*m*s^-2 * m^-2=kg*m^-1*s^-2, looks like the same, doesn't it?

Jack September 20, 2001 05:57

Re: Pressure units.
Sure does, thanks.

joseph September 26, 2001 14:44

Re: Pressure units.
hi also you can see it in any units go to utilities > set units

set the units there and then get it in the units you want.


gilberto October 1, 2001 12:29

Re: Pressure units.
In Visualise, go to Utilities in the menu, and inthere you can see SET UNITS, you go there, and it gives you lots of different units, it changes directly.

Anyway, kg mm^-1 s^-2 is he same as kPa, hence Pa is the S.I. unit, so it is kg m^-1 s^-2.

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